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FEE SCHEDULE as of 02/24/2020: Prices do not include USCIS fees.

Initial Consultation: $120
I-90 (renewal of green card): $500
I-129 F (fiancée visa K-1) $1100
DS-160 (Consular Process for fiancé) $1600
I-130 (family petition) $900
I-131 (travel permit stand alone) $500
DS-260 (Consular Process) $3100
I-485 (adjustment of status) Base price $2600
First work permit included; after that must pay for work permit
Price is different for U-visa, VAWA, asylum, refugee adjustments

I-130/I-485 One-step process $3600
245A Supplement for 245(i) $200
Change of category of Visa Eligibility $300
I-601A (provisional waiver of unlawful presence): price varies based on complexity; minimum $3000
I-751 (removal of conditions without waiver) $1400
I-751 (removal of conditions with waiver) $1900
DACA (renewal) $500
I-765 (work permit) (renewal) $500
If court case is admin closed, might also need FOIA
N-400 (citizenship) (includes interview) $1000
FOIA (records request and case analysis) $600
Fee waiver: Any application $200
Military Parole-in-Place: $1000

If the applicant has a past history of arrests, there will be an additional charge due to the added complexity.

Cases of deportation: depends on complexity.
Asylum cases: depends on complexity.

Note:  As of 2/24/2020, USCIS and the Department of State have instituted new rules concerning “public charge.”  The government has added brand new requirements, which we are all struggling to learn.  At this time, we do not know how long it will take us to prepare the extra paperwork.  Therefore, for the following types of applications, there will be an additional $150/hr. charge:  One-Step, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing for families and for fiancés.  Once we have a better idea of how long it takes us to do this work, we will incorporate the changes into our fee list.   Thank you for your patience.

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