Women on the Run

Earlier this year I worked on a report for the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees called “Women on the Run,” about Central American women fleeing brutal violence and their struggles to receive asylum in the United States.

The report was released today. You can read it here.

Viewing the European migrant crisis through the lens of U.S. immigration

Dan Carlin puts out two podcasts.  One, called “Hardcore History,” is a history-lovers dream.  The other, “Common Sense,” deal with contemporary issues.  I don’t always agree with Dan’s opinions in “Common Sense,” but in his latest episode he breaks down the history of U.S. immigration law in a way that is easy to understand.  Race has always been a factor in immigration, from the first law that limited citizenship to “free, white persons of good character.”  This led to an absurd legal battle over who was and was not white.

Listen to Episode 296 of the Common Sense podcast for more of the story.